It’s almost that time of the year again and everyone’s excited! I think it’s best to let Apple handle the hardware requests, so I made a wishlist of improvements to existing products that I would love to see.


Combine Today & Tomorrow Summary Essentially this would become an “Up Next” summary and display Weather, Events, and Alarms. It would always show the next event and alarm, as long as it is occuring within 24 hours. This eliminates the need to scroll to the bottom Tomorrow Summary at the end of the day to check events and alarms for the following day.

Highlight repeating alarms I have a bunch of repeating alarms and it would be nice to easily distinguish between repeating and single ones. It would be even better if there were some official API’s to interact with system alarms.

Tap to scroll up in App Store search tab I can’t believe this hasn’t been addressed yet.

Option to sort contacts by first name Because we know people on a first name basis.


Activity Moniter preferences I just want it to remember my custom columns and provide keyboard shortcuts to switch between segmented controls!

iOS Simulator - Reveal application folder This would be really useful when debugging files - No more printing out the directory path with the old school NSSearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains. Otherwise, good luck picking the out the correct randomly generated folder of your app :P.

iOS Simulator - Record App Previews Who has every version of the iPhone (except Rene Ritchie:) ?

Better multi-monitor smarts This annoying bug occurs when the dock is on the bottom of the primary monitor. Then, after going to the screen saver, and logging back in, the Cmd+Tab Switcher gets displayed on the secondary monitor. This is because the Switcher view is displayed on the monitor that the dock last appeared on. (Yes my dock is set to auto-hide.)


Snooze or stop alarm using buttons The current implementation is very weird and annoying: It’s possible to stop the alarm by pressing the Digital Crown, but only if the screen is on. So if you want to stop it without bringing up your wrist, you actually need to press it twice, but with enough of a delay because otherwise it ignores the second press. It would be nice to accept a single press on the Crown to stop, or the Button to snooze.

Scrollable bursts of notifications Ever received Slack messages faster than you can read them on your Watch? Yep. Instead of dismissing to see the new notification, it should just slide in from the bottom. No more “2 new notificaitons”!

There’s sure to be tons of new great features. Only a few more days to find out.