UIActivityViewController was introduced in iOS 6.0 with the purpose of offering a standard way to present system and application services. But one thing it lacks is a title. For example, wouldn’t it be nice to know where a url is taking me?

In case you need more free music
Sometimes I just want to see what this long url reads...

Slack displays a custom view above the Activity Controller to give more context about the actions that can be performed. This is a good step in the right direction and probably the most that third-party developers can do without messing too much with internal views. Of course it would be great if the native UI could include a title section similar to Action Sheets.

Slack's custom title view
Native Alert Sheet title view

I was a bit curious to see if I could make a custom title view. It’s a bit hacky to insert the custom views at the right location to fit into the animation and not well tested so use at your own risk. The source code is available here.

And it comes in blur